How to make backups redundant

Multiple repositories

If you really care about your data, you probably want more than one backup of it. borgmatic supports this in its configuration by specifying multiple backup repositories. Here's an example:

# List of source directories to backup.
    - /home
    - /etc

# Paths of local or remote repositories to backup to.
    - path: ssh://
    - path: /var/lib/backups/local.borg

Prior to version 1.8.0 Put these options in the location: section of your configuration.

Prior to version 1.7.10 Omit the path: portion of the repositories list.

When you run borgmatic with this configuration, it invokes Borg once for each configured repository in sequence. (So, not in parallel.) That means—in each repository—borgmatic creates a single new backup archive containing all of your source directories.

Here's a way of visualizing what borgmatic does with the above configuration:

  1. Backup /home and /etc to
  2. Backup /home and /etc to /var/lib/backups/local.borg

This gives you redundancy of your data across repositories and even potentially across providers.

See Borg repository URLs documentation for more information on how to specify local and remote repository paths.

Different options per repository

What if you want borgmatic to backup to multiple repositories—while also setting different options for each one? In that case, you'll need to use a separate borgmatic configuration file for each repository instead of the multiple repositories in one configuration file as described above. That's because all of the repositories in a particular configuration file get the same options applied.

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