borgmatic command-line reference

borgmatic options

Here are all of the available borgmatic command-line options:

usage: borgmatic [-I] [-p] [-C] [-k] [-x] [-l] [-i] [-e ENCRYPTION_MODE]
                 [--append-only] [--storage-quota STORAGE_QUOTA] [--progress]
                 [--repository REPOSITORY] [--archive ARCHIVE]
                 [--restore-path RESTORE_PATHS [RESTORE_PATHS ...]]
                 [-c CONFIG_PATHS [CONFIG_PATHS ...]]
                 [--excludes EXCLUDES_FILENAME] [--stats] [--json] [-n]
                 [-v {0,1,2}] [--version] [--help]

A simple wrapper script for the Borg backup software that creates and prunes
backups. If none of the action options are given, then borgmatic defaults to:
prune, create, and check archives.

  -I, --init            Initialize an empty Borg repository
  -p, --prune           Prune archives according to the retention policy
  -C, --create          Create archives (actually perform backups)
  -k, --check           Check archives for consistency
  -x, --extract         Extract a named archive to the current directory
  -l, --list            List archives
  -i, --info            Display summary information on archives

options for --init:
                        Borg repository encryption mode
  --append-only         Create an append-only repository
  --storage-quota STORAGE_QUOTA
                        Create a repository with a fixed storage quota

options for --create:
  --progress            Display progress for each file as it is backed up

options for --extract:
  --repository REPOSITORY
                        Path of repository to restore from, defaults to the
                        configured repository if there is only one
  --archive ARCHIVE     Name of archive to restore
  --restore-path RESTORE_PATHS [RESTORE_PATHS ...]
                        Paths to restore from archive, defaults to the entire

common options:
                        Configuration filenames or directories, defaults to:
                        /etc/borgmatic/config.yaml /etc/borgmatic.d
                        Deprecated in favor of exclude_patterns within
  --stats               Display statistics of archive with --create or --prune
  --json                Output results from the --create, --list, or --info
                        options as json
  -n, --dry-run         Go through the motions, but do not actually write to
                        any repositories
  -v {0,1,2}, --verbosity {0,1,2}
                        Display verbose progress (1 for some, 2 for lots)
  --version             Display installed version number of borgmatic and exit
  --help                Show this help information and exit